The Old and Wise (a poem)

Sunlight peaks through your mind
A curtain is lifted, heretical thoughts like cobwebs
Brushed away and given meaning
Among the living depths

Connection with other humans keeps us alive, whether
We want to stay living or want to sink deep into
Soil and decompose, be born again

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Serenity (a poem)

we talk about serenity

but I’m not sure what we mean

there have been times

I was serene

but it’s few and far between

I want it to be a permanent state

of being

an emotion that stretches into

the future, forever

but that’s impossible

like asking to control the weather

so, as days go by

& I grow older

I hope I grow wiser, too

settle for serene moments

instead of reaching for something

that’s beyond my feeble grip

(Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash)