Game Theories (a poem)

I am in a spiral of silence
Descending into a massive crater
Of television tranquility
Did you lock the door?
Better double-check
Before the traveling salesman
Kills the entire family
There was once a time when I was younger,
That the words of a mathematician
Made my heart go a-flutter
Now I no longer believe in God
And all your game theories
Seem like child’s play

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Holding the Universe Together (a prose poem)

What captivated me most was that the town was soundless. They say time moves in a circle and that, at our core, our souls are eternal. I could only believe this once the moon and two red suns rose in the blackened sky. There was never a time I doubted the majesty of God, but there were plenty of nights when the devil spoke thunder in the underground. This was the hardest part of the mathematical equation that holds the universe together.

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Slithering Digital Love (a poem)

Shapeshifting into the future
Slimed and slithering digital love
What hath these times wrought?
Implants in my brain that glitch and smolder
Naked bodies that twitch – behold her!
Goddess of the internet dystopia
All pixelated JPEG beauty
Live in the here, now, future, distant past
Everything – maddeningly – all at once
And not a trace of quietness
For your nighttime rituals