The Church & the Park (a drawing)

Here’s another one of my art therapy drawings. Like many people, I love old churches, especially ones with big steeples and clocks. I also like this drawing because of the wide expanse of the grassy area.

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Groans of Thunder (a poem)

Dark clouds gather + block a stifling sun, breaking the heat

of oppressive summer days – we’re in a daze, at a standstill,

shops closed + mask-wearing maniacs stashing cash

under dirty mattresses in case of economic collapse –

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In the Garden (a poem)

In the garden, I dig my hands into the cool,

dark soil and pull out weeds – it feels so good

to connect with our Mother. The sun is shining

and I can smell the rosebush near the shed,

reminding me not all is lost, that when

we’re all gone, there will be peace again.

(Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash)

The Poet’s Curse (a poem)

You humiliated the Netherworld Poet, and now you

must pay – the only way to avoid his curse is to

sacrifice the first-born son in your wife’s womb.

The Netherworld Poet cackles like a hyena on these

arid plains of this sun-soaked frontier – you dared

to question his knowledge of the tribe and kingdom

that is your birthright to one day lead.

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