Scoundrels (a poem)

But must I confess how I liked him
Though he pointed the gun at my head
And told me to give up the charade
Of pretending to enjoy this life

He was tall, slender like
The Slender Man, gruff like
People your mother told you
Not to associate with – scoundrels

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Soul-Eater (a poem)

The soul-eater has corrupted me thoroughly

this world teeters on brinks of insanity –

the soul-eater lurches thru

underground tunnels quietly,

he searches for innocence

to destroy violently –

save me from the soul-eater,

I beg you, please,

nothing is sweeter to him

than sadistic glee.

(Photo by BSD on Unsplash)

Grateful (a poem)

the word grateful comes from

the Latin gratus & was first used

in English in 1552,

so says the internet wizards,

who remind me I didn’t use

this word – grateful – very much

‘till I realized there was

a hole in my soul,

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