Pandemic Nothingness (a poem)

There’s unreality in this isolation –

survivalists buy ammo, preparing for what?

In ancient times, this was an act of God –

a scourge caused by our sinfulness,

we’d bow at altars and beg for forgiveness.

Today, we fear nothingness.

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Me and Pops

Like many people, I’ve been isolated since early March. I live with my grandfather and, when everything first started, we were annoying each other a lot. Lately, as we’ve settled into the routines and rhythms of isolation, I’ve begun to cherish this time we’re spending together.

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Tension During Self-Isolation

I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been in self-isolation because of the pandemic. But one thing is clear: the effects of isolation are starting to add up. This became evident recently when the tension grew and exploded between my grandfather and I.

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