The Mirror Knows Everything (microfiction)

“Look into the mirror,” she said. “What do you see?”

She was a strange woman, weirder than I usually go for. I didn’t know how to answer these random questions she asked me so often.

“Well, I see the sky right now because the mirror is pointed up.”

She turned the mirror toward me, still blocking her face.

“Wrong answer,” she laughed playfully.

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The Black Mist (a poem)

The black mist rolled around me

And the vase shattered into a million pieces

The flower petals it once held

Orange, red and yellow, they were all scattered around

The pieces are now jagged and sharp

Piercing my skin deeply with every try to collect them

Maybe I’ll make a mosaic of them one day

And hopefully that image is as lovely as the vase used to be

(Photo by Fabien TWB on Unsplash)

What is Happiness? (a prose poem)

What is happiness?

It’s sitting in the comfy chair in the reading nook, next to you while you work away at your desk. It’s our pup laying behind your chair, chewing his favorite toy, completely at peace. It’s our baby girl, purring away sitting on the ottoman next to my feet.

Happiness isn’t money or the nicest things the world has to offer.

Happiness is your kind and loving heart, loving me forevermore.