Jeff Bezos is in Space! (a poem)

Look up there! Jeff Bezos is in space!
The sun shines off his bald head
Look at the big smile on his face!
He’s always one step ahead

One giant leap for billionaires
And a step back for the rest
To be so rich and without a care
In private space flight he invests

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Ten-Dollar Bill (a poem)

The woman asks me for ten dollars – she demands it

I’m reluctant, standing in a pock-marked city,

but feeling pity for her, as she frantically talks

her eyes yellow like harvest moons

her voice shrieks like an urban banshee –

the realities of poverty and addiction,

the rich getting fatter off broken backs.

I reach into my wallet, hand her a ten-dollar bill

she hugs me + hurries away, vanishing into the night,

and as I walk home, I wonder if I’ll ever need to

ask for my ten dollars back

(Photo by Vitaly Taranov on Unsplash)