We Ain’t Perfect (a poem)

We made this damn house into a home
It wasn’t easy – cross-country stress
Highways blurring together and
Fast-food at rest stops hunkered down
With the animals in the backseat
We did it because we had to but we build
And we move on – it’s the only thing you can do
When shit hits you in the face and you’re left
With unappealing options – but regardless
We are here and we did it and damn things
Ain’t perfect but love never is and people never are
And we got holes in our souls and carry those
Generational traumas like battle scars
And we’ll never entirely heal or be perfect
Until we’re six feet under or incinerated into ashes
And we see the face of God and damnit
It will all be worth it

Heavy Death Vibes (a poem)

Heavy death vibes permeate time chasms
This is not where I thought I would be
Approaching the middle, the nexus of love
All these liminal spaces make me tired
And those doors to other realms take
The fun out of all the misery wallowing
Once upon a time, in a city far, far away
I was close to what kept me centered
But I’ve never been centered, really
Always a few points off here and there
The geographic coordinates of mental health
More like spending life wandering in deserts
And dusty backrooms of my psyche

Soon Enough, They Came for You (a poem)

You can run and hide
But soon enough, there’s no place to go
So, we stick our necks out
Fight the good fight
Knowing that all’s not lost

You can’t hide from the bullets, that’s for sure
And if you keep looking over your shoulder
When you’re at a public gathering
Brother, I don’t blame you

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Game Theories (a poem)

I am in a spiral of silence
Descending into a massive crater
Of television tranquility
Did you lock the door?
Better double-check
Before the traveling salesman
Kills the entire family
There was once a time when I was younger,
That the words of a mathematician
Made my heart go a-flutter
Now I no longer believe in God
And all your game theories
Seem like child’s play

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Holding the Universe Together (a prose poem)

What captivated me most was that the town was soundless. They say time moves in a circle and that, at our core, our souls are eternal. I could only believe this once the moon and two red suns rose in the blackened sky. There was never a time I doubted the majesty of God, but there were plenty of nights when the devil spoke thunder in the underground. This was the hardest part of the mathematical equation that holds the universe together.

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Interconnection (a poem)

God came to me in the night
In a reverie glowing with love
She said the anxieties of the world
Are human manifested
Inside a cauldron of confusion
But if we move beyond
The duality of black and white
See the goodness amid the bad
New colors burst, evoking
Interpersonal landscapes
Where sin is but an echo
That has faded and worn
And the interconnection
Of all beings, flows at the core
Of our weary, tired souls

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New Commitments (a poem)

The decisions we make
Reverberate through time
We take vows; we make promises
They bind us together
Life comes at us quickly
Throws us off-kilter
Time passes and
We don’t see the hourglass empty
How we live each day
Is how we spend a lifetime
And if the vows we make
Aren’t strong enough
We fortify them with new
Commitments, each minute,
Hour, day, and eternal now

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