Nowhere Path (a poem)

The path leads to nowhere
No place special, anyway
Just an aimless soul-walk
In the misty morning gray
Crunch of leaves below
Birdsong fills my ears
At one with my spirit
For now, without a care

(Photo by Tyler Lastovich on Unsplash)

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To Dream Away (a poem)

Now I lay me down to sleep, to dream away
Transported to underground realms
Dreaming in color, bright sounds
No longer astounded by the full-length movies
That play in my head at darkness

I decipher codes, break through modes
In which my inner eye tells me riddles
Prophecies of sudden global disasters
Screams and shouts from dark matter

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Energy Flows (a poem)

I could never touch the sky
Or lasso down the moon
The stars are far too high
But with them I commune
I can’t reach with my hands
And pull them down to me
So, I swallow astral energy
Spit it out into the sea

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The Old and Wise (a poem)

Sunlight peaks through your mind
A curtain is lifted, heretical thoughts like cobwebs
Brushed away and given meaning
Among the living depths

Connection with other humans keeps us alive, whether
We want to stay living or want to sink deep into
Soil and decompose, be born again

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Perpetual Sweetness (a poem)

I’ll see you on the other side
Where God makes all things right
After the destruction
Comes the everlasting light

All the things we’ve done
The good and the bad
Are unified and made whole
At last, we understand

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