Hallucinogenic Night Sweats (a poem)

Purple, yellow hallucinogenic night sweats
In dark desert huts of Death Valley
Enormous suns are my gods and my killers
No one can tell me otherwise
Sweat pours in dry air heat psychosis
Smells of seared flesh passion fruit
Mouth singed swollen cracked
Praying to dark red sky redeemers
Hesitating to bury myself alive

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Fury and Wonder (a poem)

In the savage beauty of springtime
The world opens, screams my name
The Idol of my ancestors was cruel
She contains just as much evil
As the goodness that keeps everything
Merged in musical chaos

That smile on your face – who is it for?
It is warped and mischievous
And your sharp teeth bite into me
Like a cold night-wind, unrelenting

Why do I write to you anymore when
It’s clear my master has forbidden me?

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