Euphoria (a poem)

The river meanders

dividing line of Philly & Jersey

fog drifts off blue-black water

on the way to the concert

you can hear music reverberate

feel chilly breeze on your skin

men & women pulsing with

sexual energy

some of them tipsy

touch my hand

tell me you understand

let me know I’m alive –

the warmth of your body

the coldness of steel handlebars

ready for a night of euphoria

(Photo by Matt Power on Unsplash)

My All Them Witches Album Review is published!

A couple of weeks ago, I reached out to a friend to ask about job opportunities. Lucky me, he runs a music website dedicated to what’s known as “Stoner Rock.” Now, I’m not a stoner (not anymore, anyway), but I do listen to Stoner Rock bands quite often.

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Song of the Day: A Rock Tune about ‘Drunk Dreams’ and Getting Sober

Okay, so I’ve become a bit of a Jason Isbell fanatic. Rachel can tell you that I listen to this Americana songwriter constantly, especially the song “Outfit.” I wanted to highlight one of Isbell’s songs off his new album that I connected with from the first time I heard it.

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Song of the Day: Transported to a pastoral world of wide open fields

I discovered the music of Jeffrey Foucault a few years ago and I’ve been a big fan of his ever since. Jeffrey is an American songwriter from Wisconsin that writes beautiful, poetic lyrics and combines it with music that’s a little bit country, blues, and folk. He’s the type of small-town troubadour songwriter I love, in the style of Townes Van Zandt.

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Song of the Day: A tough father’s blue-collar advice to his son

I love music, though I don’t have much experience writing about it. I wanted to pick some “songs of the day” to dig deeper into the history of the music I love, and share it with others on the blog. For today’s song, I picked one I’ve been obsessed with for the past year or so.

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Song of the Day: A hypnotic, slow-burn of weird ambient music

I’ve been listening to more movie soundtracks lately while I’m writing and researching my podcast/novel project. I came across one song from the soundtrack to a science fiction/horror film that I absolutely love.

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On the benefits of having a mental illness (and the power of music)

Most of the time, I focus on the parts of my mental illness that are bad. The mood swings, the depressions, the vigilance I need to keep to guard against mania and hypomania. But it’s not all negative.

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