Time Collapse (a poem)

Time collapse; murder clock
Ticking, each click and knife clack echo like cold steel
Dream, myth, a promise here
Blood eyeball yellowed, physical fears
Chamber of clocks, bright merciless
Wrinkling time, my skin is baked
Midnight the ringing barbaric
Noontime the sun blazing
Twilight hours recorded and shared
Sun rise in east, sirens shrieked
Time crash in undulating waves
Reach out to grab, ride into quickening future
Motorcycle crash, child cascades from 40 floors
Time collapsed, swallowed lives
Baby born in desert sunlight
Old man murdered in God-forsaken River
Blood rinse in salty water, wounds open
Clock strikes the hour, I have frozen in city nights
Watching faces deformed malignant
STOP – the child says in the park
RETREAT – my lover says in the dark
DO NOT COME HOME – the clock ticking

Sycophants in Spring (a poem)

The world wakes up each spring
I notice warped smiles
Birdsong is back, hideous
On sunny, manic blue-sky days
An energy is something
You feel in the body
The way trauma is stored
Each time psychosomatic
Tensions mount
A naked man smiled at me in the
Bread aisle, and what a smile!
I noticed the weariness of
His wrinkled face and I remembered
Not everything is well
There are sycophants among us
They hide in sticky crowds
They could be anywhere, believe me
Spring is a time for violent vigor
And a harbinger of obsession
The sensual beauty out there
Sometimes hides the disdain
And the madness

Holding on to Hope

“Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that cause changes in a person’s mood, energy and ability to function. Bipolar disorder is a category that includes three different conditions — bipolar I, bipolar II and cyclothymic disorder.” -American Psychiatric Association

Madness seems like such an old-fashioned term, much like “insane asylum.” However, I’ve known madness in my life and, when going through the mental twists and turns, it can be difficult to recognize just how mad I am.

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