Interconnection (a poem)

God came to me in the night
In a reverie glowing with love
She said the anxieties of the world
Are human manifested
Inside a cauldron of confusion
But if we move beyond
The duality of black and white
See the goodness amid the bad
New colors burst, evoking
Interpersonal landscapes
Where sin is but an echo
That has faded and worn
And the interconnection
Of all beings, flows at the core
Of our weary, tired souls

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New Commitments (a poem)

The decisions we make
Reverberate through time
We take vows; we make promises
They bind us together
Life comes at us quickly
Throws us off-kilter
Time passes and
We don’t see the hourglass empty
How we live each day
Is how we spend a lifetime
And if the vows we make
Aren’t strong enough
We fortify them with new
Commitments, each minute,
Hour, day, and eternal now

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This Love Can Survive (a poem)

This love can survive, I know it in my jaws
Cracked, hollowed, boiling within
I stand beside your body like a fire
You made my dreams less shadowy
You closed the hole in my head
The love filled my tender body
Exposed to sapphire oceans of the world
The morning sealed your celestial eyes
And we woke on the bed of flowers
Twirled by the gale of a new glory

Love is More Than Words in a Poem

I can write a poem about love
I can tell her how much I love her
But can I show it?
Can I be there in the dark nights?
Love is more than words on paper
And the vows we have shared
Need to be stronger than the storms of life
It is in these moments
When the road is long and blurry
And the weight gets heavier
That the authenticity of my love
Needs to go beyond mere words in a poem

A New Start (a poem)

Bathe me in green
The bosom of the earth
Show me the scene
Of my much-needed rebirth
The reawakening of my soul
From darkness to light
The moment I went from cold
To a vista of beautiful sights
Love will do this do you
If you open your heart
It will make you brand new
Give you a fresh new start

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Daily Quote: What Love Is

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.” – Hermann Hesse

Note: Today, Rachel and I get married! We got engaged on July 4th, and we didn’t want to waste any time. And we sure as hell didn’t. We’re having a small ceremony (in a bookstore!) with friends and family. Time to make it official 🙂

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