This Love Can Survive (a poem)

This love can survive, I know it in my jaws
Cracked, hollowed, boiling within
I stand beside your body like a fire
You made my dreams less shadowy
You closed the hole in my head
The love filled my tender body
Exposed to sapphire oceans of the world
The morning sealed your celestial eyes
And we woke on the bed of flowers
Twirled by the gale of a new glory

Love is More Than Words in a Poem

I can write a poem about love
I can tell her how much I love her
But can I show it?
Can I be there in the dark nights?
Love is more than words on paper
And the vows we have shared
Need to be stronger than the storms of life
It is in these moments
When the road is long and blurry
And the weight gets heavier
That the authenticity of my love
Needs to go beyond mere words in a poem

A New Start (a poem)

Bathe me in green
The bosom of the earth
Show me the scene
Of my much-needed rebirth
The reawakening of my soul
From darkness to light
The moment I went from cold
To a vista of beautiful sights
Love will do this do you
If you open your heart
It will make you brand new
Give you a fresh new start

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Why Do I Deserve Such Tenderness? (a poem)

She said, “Open the door, let me in.”
Inside my fortress, I freeze to death
Every night stripped and shivering
Rusted bones, my body glimmering

But she comes to me in silence
Wraps me in warm blankets
Tells me the movements of the planets
And the location of distant stars

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Over the Lust-Horizon (a poem)

Look out to the horizon
From the shore, there’s so
Much to explore

The endless expanse of sea
And the orange-red canvas of sky
You, my love, with me
In the nuclear dawn
Times of love and comfort
Amid the troubles we ignore
On our blanket on the sandy shore
Remembering those gone
And those yet to come
Humanity’s resilient thrust
Reptilian creature-rhythm
And love-making in ritual beds
The bright stars above our heads
Soaked sheets, ecstatic minds
Hide and seek, what did we find?
Consummation of our vows
Spiritual marriage of soul-thieves
Dusty books on our shelves
Hot coffee and hot sex
Breakfast on the beach
Neon lust and capitalism-sin
Feeding the monsters within
The philosophers’ smirk and grin
Sages and ancient whims
Look out to the horizon
From the shore, there’s so
Much to explore

(Photo by Luke Moss on Unsplash)