The Old and Wise (a poem)

Sunlight peaks through your mind
A curtain is lifted, heretical thoughts like cobwebs
Brushed away and given meaning
Among the living depths

Connection with other humans keeps us alive, whether
We want to stay living or want to sink deep into
Soil and decompose, be born again

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Everyday Saints

I was a mess in college.

Two years before I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, I was enrolled at a university in New York with somewhat of a life trajectory, a moral compass, and many good qualities.

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Pride: My Biggest Character Defect

During the years I’ve been in recovery, I’ve learned alternative definitions to many common words. Take “pride” for example. In most cases, it’s deemed good to be proud of one’s self. In recovery and religious terms, though, pride is seen as one of the biggest sins or “character defects.”

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