The Elements of Good Horror Fiction

Writing a compelling horror story can be a challenge, but it’s certainly possible. When crafting a spine-chilling narrative, you should include some essential elements to create a successful horror story.

Horror fiction is a genre that seeks to evoke feelings of dread, horror, and terror in the reader. It is often centered around dark and mysterious themes such as the supernatural, violence, death, and the unknown. Horror fiction has existed since antiquity, appearing in ancient folklore and legends.

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Drifting (flash fiction)

The lines on the highway get blurry when you’re driving for so long. Pete was used to this; he’d stop at whatever town seemed appealing to him. He usually picked where he stopped based on the name of the town. He didn’t know much about these small hamlets throughout the states, nor did he want to. Usually, the smaller and quieter the town, the better for Pete.

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Brotherhood of the Blood (microfiction)

I have decided to celebrate tonight. You must be asking why. It’s because here, in my solitary cell, the pagans who worship me, the religious cultists, have thrown an extravagant ceremony that coronates my kingship.

You see, they call me Killer Ugly. I am the god of the downtrodden, the people who most like to dismiss and push aside in this capitalistic free-for-all world. Someone must look out for these folks, no? I am their champion.

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Blood-Black Heaven Fantasies

Hunger rips my insides
My stomach explodes with shame
I shouldn’t have done that back there
Making the public believe their savior is a counterfeit and he’s really out to extinguish the cells in their tiny brains
Out here, in the wilderness, my dreamscape is abandoned
Yet, it’s full of the blackness and dirt of galaxies
Dark matter, everywhere, clouding my eye sockets
And burning up the skies with auburn alien lights
Those meteors are not naturally caused phenomena
They are celestial divinations manifested from our persecution complex
Judgment days on summer nights, firefly obsession
The insects cover us all and puncture our leathery skin
And the sky opens and dumps buckets of blood rain
It smells like the fatal sins of Saint Francis
And these black-blood drops of liquid taste like outlawed heavens
That I saw in the dreams of the dead children
We never stop dreaming, hoping for our illusions to be realized
But once we get there, it’s so cold and hostile
That we wish the demon deities would let us go back
Heaven is right here! Come get your salvation!
I’m selling it for only $29.99, and you get a free trial
Cancel any time, stream your pornographic paradise straight to your mind
That’s what the dead want, just to be close to us
And cuddle our warm bodies at nightfall

Smile (Microfiction)

The woman’s body had been dismembered. Entirely and utterly torn apart, pieces of which were strewn about the apartment. And there, in the dark, we found the symbol of the killer glowing on the wall: the two Xs for eyes and the smiley face. It was the third such case this month.

“I wanna know, how does he not track blood everywhere when he leaves the place?” I asked my partner, Matthew. “He’s careful, but not that careful. If he was more careful, he wouldn’t leave such a mess.”

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We Will Burn Together (Microfiction)

“What was that noise?” I said aloud, though I was alone.

I remembered I had left the screen door open. There is such utter peace when you live in the woods, away from most of civilization. But there is also a creepy feeling, knowing that your neighbors are so far away, and no one would be able to hear you scream. It’s why I was so terrified of home invasions.

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New World (Part 9) – A Poetry Journal


And what if the apocalypse comes? Do we not deserve it? Have we not been traveling down this path for a very long time? I think of this often, and I believe there may even be sweetness in the flames that will consume us.

But this is beside the point. What is the point? That something is coming. Call it prophecy; call it what you will. I get the feeling everyone knows, though some are pushing it out of their mind.

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