Groans of Thunder (a poem)

Dark clouds gather + block a stifling sun, breaking the heat

of oppressive summer days – we’re in a daze, at a standstill,

shops closed + mask-wearing maniacs stashing cash

under dirty mattresses in case of economic collapse –

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In the Woods (a poem)

It’s been so long since I’ve

walked in these woods,

surrounded by trees

on a humid summer night.

It’s dusk and tree cover provides

shade on the trails, but we still

huff, puff with each mile.

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Such a Silly Dog (a poem)

Poor little Nico, he’s a silly dog.

He scratches himself all day,

howls whenever we go away –

I see him after I’ve been gone,

he wags his tail, greets me at the door, asks,

“Where have you been?”

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