Medusa’s Eyes (a poem)

One look into Medusa’s eyes, you turn to stone

as Perseus knows – but the demigod is brave

he must save his princess

there’s no getting in his way

deep in the Underworld, toss a gold coin to

cross the awful river

Medusa slinks + slithers in her temple

‘till he slices off her head

uses it to kill the Kraken –

oh! how the gods play games with us

atop Olympus

one day they’ll pay for this

when they’re gone, forgotten

when we move to monotheism +

Zeus, Poseidon, the rest are studied

instead of worshipped.

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Note: I was inspired to write this poem after watching the movie Clash of the Titans – both the original 1981 version and the remake from 2010.

The Sirens (a poem)

Listen to these sirens sing, see how beautiful they are –

from afar, their chanting quickens my pulse + my

body aches with desire – but beware of this fire

that consumes mortal men, traps them,

sends them to the bottom of stormy seas,

lungs filled with saltwater ‘till life is no more –

sure, you’d like to see these maidens up close,

see their golden skin glow – if only I could

rip off these ropes! I hope their insanely sweet songs

don’t drive my mind to an oblivion from which

I shall never return – how I burn to see them,

to free them! But wouldn’t their voices unleash

destruction upon the masses?

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