Healing for Broken Hearts (flash fiction)

Here’s a piece of fantasy flash fiction about what happens to the pieces of our broken hearts. It’s actually quite hopeful (see – I don’t write horror all the time!) It’s about 550 words and has an estimated reading time of 2 minutes. Let me know what you think!

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The Dark God of Kilead (flash fiction)

Here’s a piece of dark fantasy flash fiction about a town dealing with an unknown and terrible force. It’s about 525 words and has a 2 minute reading time. Let me know what you think!

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The Man Made of Smoke (a poem)

The man made of smoke,
he drifts here and there
with his fancy hat
and long black hair

We smell him wherever he goes,
the puff of smoke he leaves behind,
in a blink of the eye, he’s gone,
it truly blows one’s mind

The man of smoke is not wise,
nor is he very handsome,
but, hey, he’s got a special talent,
and for that we all like him.

(Photo by LILAWA.COM on Unsplash)

My Dream-Father (flash fiction)

Most times, my dreams aren’t profound, nor do they make much sense. Dream-logic, I’m told, never does. But this dream felt different. My father appeared on the football field of my youth. In life, he was a short man. But in this dream, he towered over me.

He wore denim dream-jeans, faded blue, and ripped at the knees. He smoked a giant dream-cigarette, and the smoke billowed like it was from a power plant. His dream-muscles were large and imposing, like Zeus’.

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