The Unraveling (a haibun)

Just another day in the nightmare landscape, the rugged rocky hills, and the prophet by my side. We climbed day and night, meeting with the sages and thieves in their torn rags, who gave us water to drink and food for our souls.

We are on a spiritual journey to discover who killed the Master of the Universe. It was the defining crime of our era, and perhaps all of humanity. When the bullet exploded through his head, spraying the cabin room with blood, brain, and sinew, the gaping chasm in the center of the Universe killed half the population.

The prophet looks up
The sky turns blood red and hot
We run to the cave

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Healing for Broken Hearts (flash fiction)

Here’s a piece of fantasy flash fiction about what happens to the pieces of our broken hearts. It’s actually quite hopeful (see – I don’t write horror all the time!) It’s about 550 words and has an estimated reading time of 2 minutes. Let me know what you think!

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The Man Made of Smoke (a poem)

The man made of smoke,
he drifts here and there
with his fancy hat
and long black hair

We smell him wherever he goes,
the puff of smoke he leaves behind,
in a blink of the eye, he’s gone,
it truly blows one’s mind

The man of smoke is not wise,
nor is he very handsome,
but, hey, he’s got a special talent,
and for that we all like him.

(Photo by LILAWA.COM on Unsplash)