I Weep for My Country

I weep for my country.

America was never perfect, and it never will be. But things keep getting worse, and so many of my fellow Americans seem to want to inflict suffering and sorrow on the vulnerable. What is behind this hatred? Is it simply a thirst for power and control? I can’t understand it, and I probably never will.

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Daily Quote: Be Careful What You Hope For

“Hope is a powerful thing. But be mindful. It’s only as good as the object you place it in. Hope can bring you through the darkest night. When that hope is in an impossible dream, it will bring only despair.” – Tyler Edwards, from The Outlands

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How Do You Fight Off Despair? (a poem)

How to fight off despair?
The walls closed in, chaos, claustrophobia
Mean eyes everywhere I look
There must be some melted hearts out there
Amid the hatred and relentless despair

Hate in hearts can be broken with love
Like nestling into a sweetheart’s arms
Under cool moonlit nights
Away from infinite news cycles and images
Of society tearing, tearing apart
But how to fight off despair?

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Destructors (a poem)

Last night in the pouring rain
I heard screams inside my head
A laugh, too, then a guttural cry
All the pain and feelings, the dread
Soaked in the torrent, lost, confused
The city is a maze of waste, gore
Faces don’t look real anymore
Held at gunpoint, bloodshot eyes
Bated breath, I have been defiled
Rain washes down the windows
Red as the poisoned blood
And to think that I never loved
A soul, a hole gaping in my head
Where the worms crawl in
The laughing man pulls the trigger
Heads explode with tremendous vigor
I sit here, wet, left to wonder
If each lightning strike
And rumble of thunder
Is a sign of more death
And unlimited hunger
Of destructors

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

The Monk and the City that Loves Him: A Novella Project – Part 3

In the previous installment, we learn a bit more about The Monk and his background. He’s a legendary figure in the city and, despite his best attempts, he’s been struggling to get Louie and Tammy sober. Though he’s an odd character, people love him.

Let’s jump into Part 3, where we meet Tammy and learn of her struggles and the odds against her.

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I’m Not a Malcontent (a poem)

During winters of discontent
It’s imperative to remember
That I’m not a malcontent
And all I must do is surrender

Surrender to the sky and the sea
And throw my body in the ocean
The water washes over me
The salty air is like a potion

There was a time in my life
When I was in a straight-jacket
And I left the hospital foaming at the mouth
And was met with intolerable colors

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The Dreadful Guide of Souls (flash fiction)

Here’s a piece of horror flash fiction about despair and holy terror. It’s about 580 words and has a reading time of 2 and a half minutes. Let me know what you think!

Content warning: This one is rather dark and it contains mentions of suicide, self-harm, and substance abuse. Please skip this if these topics are triggering to you.

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