Down in Tennessee (a poem)

I was eager to see Tennessee –

cigarettes were cheap, people moved slow +

we devoured fried chicken for breakfast –

never ventured into the country, stayed close

to anonymous highways + strip malls

that strip America of originality.

(Photo by Jeff Nissen on Unsplash)

Song of the Day: A Rock Tune about ‘Drunk Dreams’ and Getting Sober

Okay, so I’ve become a bit of a Jason Isbell fanatic. Rachel can tell you that I listen to this Americana songwriter constantly, especially the song “Outfit.” I wanted to highlight one of Isbell’s songs off his new album that I connected with from the first time I heard it.

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Song of the Day: A tough father’s blue-collar advice to his son

I love music, though I don’t have much experience writing about it. I wanted to pick some “songs of the day” to dig deeper into the history of the music I love, and share it with others on the blog. For today’s song, I picked one I’ve been obsessed with for the past year or so.

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