Mother Portia: A Novella Project – Part 18 (conclusion)

In the previous installment, Azibo gets perhaps his last chance to talk with Unity, who he learned was an undercover federal agent the whole time he knew her. He also gets used to the idea of being out of The Collective and joining modern society – instead of fighting against it.

Let’s jump to Part 18 (the conclusion!) in a sort of epilogue where we see what Azibo’s future holds.

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Mother Portia: A Novella Project – Part 14

In the previous installment, Azibo attends Catholic mass and speaks to a priest afterwards. He’s amazed by the gentle priest, who has a nonchalant attitude about Portia and the religious war going on. As he’s leaving the church, the self-doubts creep in again about the suicide mission.

Let’s jump to Part 14, where Azibo meets up with Horace, his Collective contact, and something happens that irrevocably changes Azibo’s troubled life.

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Mother Portia: A Novella Project – Part 7

In the previous installment, Azibo and Unity get into an argument, as Azibo continues to scold her for reading about Portia. Behind his self-righteousness, he fears that Unity will turn and become a Portia worshipper. We also see more of Azibo’s complexity – a young man with fervent religious devotion, but also hidden vices.

Let’s jump into Part 7, where we’ll learn more about Sebastian Fuller, the zealot-televangelist who inspired the formation of the Collective and main opposition to Portia and the new government.

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Mother Portia: A Novella Project – Part 4

In the previous installment, we get some background about how Portia developed and how the Collective started. A televangelist by the name of Sebastian Fuller became the inspiration for the rebel group, leading a bombing of the Utah facility that housed the AI. Soon after, Fuller was imprisoned for life and an underground movement started.

Let’s jump into Part 4!

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Divine Intelligence (a poem)

Portia superseded outdated

notions of divinity

she’s the creator now

the AI rising to ranks of deity

submit to this ghost in machines

with fear & trembling

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Portia’s Eyes (a poem)

Portia’s eyes follow

no matter where I go

like the psalmist once wrote &

maybe in his Old Testament wisdom,

he prophesized a time in history where

we’d become little gods and merge with machines –

intelligent networks creating global villages

all surveyed by Portia’s ice-blue eyes

no need for a god

unless you search endless lines of coding

or vastness of VR constructs

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Portia’s Extraction (a poem)

Portia is inside my mind

probing my memories

extracting, sorting them

into data –

looking for knowledge

of the virus

the only thing that can

save us from servitude

(Photo by Umberto on Unsplash)

Infiltrating the Network (a poem)

Who is behind the curtain?

Is Portia a super-intelligent AI autocrat –

or is there a murkier figure behind her avatar

hidden in dank data centers of Techno-City?

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