Perfectionism (a poem)

The saints wanted perfection

so do some of us

but chasing this goal is like

walking over burning coals

what about progress?


what about turning away from Never Enough?

resting in the realization that

this life is absurd

that all this effort can

crash & burn

in the blink of an eye

(Photo by Aron Van de Pol on Unsplash)

Book Review: Amerika by Franz Kafka

After reading Franz Kafka’s complete short stories last year, I was determined to read the three novels that were published posthumously. I find Kafka to be a tremendously interesting writer and literary figure, and after reading most of his work, the recurrent themes became evident.

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My book review of ‘The Plague’ is published!

About a month ago, I posted a review of The Plague by Albert Camus. It’s now been published in Bewildering Stories, along with an accompanying review by Don Webb, the website’s managing editor.

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Today’s quote – a reminder on non-conformity from Albert Camus

Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” – attributed to Albert Camus. Camus is one of my favorite writers and philosophers, and I agree with this quote wholeheartedly. I don’t try to be weird or different on purpose – I simply try to follow my heart.

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‘There is No Death’ – a short story (Conclusion)

Father Curran has committed to this new philosophy of the afterlife. He’s not sure whether he will, in fact, die soon. But his old faith is in tatters – that much is certain. Here’s the conclusion of “There is No Death”:

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‘There is No Death’ – a short story, (Part 5)

Father Curran slides deeper into depression, and he’s beginning to lose grip of reality. Is he really going to die soon? Or are the men from the funeral home playing some elaborate joke on him? Here’s Part 5:

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Book Review: The Castle by Franz Kafka

There’s no rhyme or reason for the complicated bureaucracy the main character in The Castle tries to penetrate. At every turn, he deals with obstacles or receives explanations that make little sense.

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‘There is No Death’ – a short story (Part 4)

In the last installment, Father Curran visits the funeral home and meets another person who apparently knows of his forthcoming death. Curran rejects his claims and he’s told men of faith are usually the ones who have the most trouble with their version of the afterlife. Here’s Part 4:

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‘There is No Death’ – a short story (Part 3)

Yesterday, we met Father Frankenburger, Curran’s fellow priest who annoys him because of his naivete. Curran’s meeting with the strange man gnaws at his mind, feeling like a strange dream. Here’s Part 3:

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‘There is No Death’ – a short story (Part 2)

In yesterday’s installment, Father Curran is approached by a man who looks like an alcoholic Rip Van Winkle. The man tells the priest he works for an unheard-of government agency that helps people transition to the afterlife. Curran thinks the man may be insane – but is he? Here’s Part 2:

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