Blood-Black Heaven Fantasies

Hunger rips my insides
My stomach explodes with shame
I shouldn’t have done that back there
Making the public believe their savior is a counterfeit and he’s really out to extinguish the cells in their tiny brains
Out here, in the wilderness, my dreamscape is abandoned
Yet, it’s full of the blackness and dirt of galaxies
Dark matter, everywhere, clouding my eye sockets
And burning up the skies with auburn alien lights
Those meteors are not naturally caused phenomena
They are celestial divinations manifested from our persecution complex
Judgment days on summer nights, firefly obsession
The insects cover us all and puncture our leathery skin
And the sky opens and dumps buckets of blood rain
It smells like the fatal sins of Saint Francis
And these black-blood drops of liquid taste like outlawed heavens
That I saw in the dreams of the dead children
We never stop dreaming, hoping for our illusions to be realized
But once we get there, it’s so cold and hostile
That we wish the demon deities would let us go back
Heaven is right here! Come get your salvation!
I’m selling it for only $29.99, and you get a free trial
Cancel any time, stream your pornographic paradise straight to your mind
That’s what the dead want, just to be close to us
And cuddle our warm bodies at nightfall

Brain Bleed (a poem)

Trapped in a time loop
My face fell off, I picked it back up, and it tasted of dust
A spoonful of sugar for my difficulties
Like an acid dose that makes my eyes hemorrhage
Why did you bring me here, father?
At the nexus of sin and glory, I chose the wrong door
I don’t recognize these colors, and the animals and flowers are not from this planet or any of the worlds we have traveled to so far
My skull weighs so much that it falls off my shoulders
Rolls down the hill and destroys the city
I feel mortified for all the times I didn’t mark the calendar
The days when Death showed up and coughed in my face
Oh, no – the time loop is re-starting
Time to slit the skin off my body and hurdle into the black hole
Wish me well

Burying my Blackened Heart (a poem)

I buried my heart in the backyard
And I must say, I did not regret it
My heart was black and soiled
And underneath the fertile soil,
I felt it beating and throbbing

Please, don’t think I’m heartless now
After this, I am only endowed
With great powers of perception
That enable me to disavow
The curse of my ancestry

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Before the Altar, We Pray (a poem)

Before the altar, we pray
To gods of the forest-night
They hear us in our anguish

Remove us from televised carnage
And mass murder of dreams
In America, nothing is as it seems

We trek to the forest at nightfall
By light of neon and longing
It smells of fire-smoke and dust

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Prison of My Mind (a poem)

On the first day, the eternal snow of stars
We felt as though we were behind bars,
But it was only the prison of my mind –
How it likes infinite repetition of
Self-irritation, leading me to hills
Of Mars to tear my body apart

We start here, again,
An interstellar journey commenced,
To escape beatings of saints
Religious zealots who rule
Island nations of woe

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Why the Riddle? (a poem)

Why the riddle?
When we get to the end,
Will the Divine face be revealed?

Or will there be another riddle
Inside of the inside joke
That’s life on this planet?

Let’s peer inside, let’s abide
To directives of love;
Maybe then, a light will shine
From above, and stop us
From digging the crater
That consumes great
Urban centers.

The Divine face is ugly,
We must admit,
To be free from illusion
When the only thing we
Hold onto is our delusions.

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Last Hours (a poem)

Can I surrender?
Or will I keep fighting egos?
Drink from the poison chalice?

Where is utter peace?
Forget the journey to enlightenment –
Surrender to base desires;

Flesh is more potent than spirit,
Holy Spirits eat my flesh
In inordinate, passionate fires –
The Mind of Christ bursts
With vicious images

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