Send me your poetry, fiction, and art I’ll feature it on Fiction & Ideas.

I’m interested in anything, really, but I especially like the weird fiction and horror genres. However, if you read my blog, you’ll know that I jump around and try my hand at other stuff, too. So, send hopeful poetry, spiritual stuff, science fiction, fantasy, whatever you got.

The WordPress writing community is great, and I enjoy most everything I read on here. I used to be better at being a part of writing workshops and online writing groups, but I’ve fell off at that. I think reading some good stuff from other writers on WP would be fun.

You can send art, too, whether it’s graphic art, drawings, photography, or things of that nature. Even AI-generated art, but just make sure to note that it is. I’d also be interested in reading essays, especially about the writing craft or blogging.

I’m not able to pay for submissions, but I’d be sure to feature links to your blog prominently and give you a section to share a bio about yourself.

Send submissions via this form.

Or email me at nicholaspipitone1[at]