Mother Portia: A Novella Project – Part 12

In the previous installment, Unity finally puts her foot down and walks out on Azibo. After his increasingly erratic and sullen behavior, Azibo begins to see consequences. Feeling lonely and depressed, he assures himself he’s doing the right thing by intending to carry out the suicide mission for The Collective. Now, without Unity by his side, will he still go through with it? Or will he reconcile with her and drop his fanaticism?

Let’s jump into Part 12 (a much shorter scene), where Azibo considers what he’ll do next.

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The Dreadful Guide of Souls (flash fiction)

Here’s a piece of horror flash fiction about despair and holy terror. It’s about 580 words and has a reading time of 2 and a half minutes. Let me know what you think!

Content warning: This one is rather dark and it contains mentions of suicide, self-harm, and substance abuse. Please skip this if these topics are triggering to you.

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Secluded Hell (a poem)

Hate drapes crippled bodies,
God recoils in lifeless soil,
we serve Him, in good times
and bad, we fear them
judgments above,
in darkened clouds

We have iron tastes
in bitter mouths;
she wants to be elegant,
princess of wastelands,
but she’s like us –
depraved, wearing blood-jewels
that reflect enemy eyes

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Mother Portia: A Novella Project – Part 11

In the previous installment, we get a glimpse of Azibo’s increasingly erratic and repulsive behavior as he physically assaults an older man. We also catch him daydreaming at work about becoming a martyr and carrying out a suicide bombing mission for The Collective. Will he go through with it?

Let’s jump to Part 11, where we get another look at Azibo and Unity’s rocky relationship.

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Sending up a Prayer (a poem)

Sending up a prayer – way up in the air
Pleading with God – will He respond?
He’s quiet at first – this feels so forced
But the prayer changes me – can’t you see?
I begin to let go – at first, it’s very slow
My worries remain – at least for today
I don’t expect magic – or to feel ecstatic
My faith is hard-won – once, I came undone
From that I learned – not everything’s absurd
While it may seem so – it takes time to grow
Into spiritual maturity – certainly not purity
Life’s never perfect – the future, we can’t predict
But spirituality helps me – it makes me feel free

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