Mother Portia: A Science Fiction Novella

Welcome to my page dedicated to Mother Portia, my novella!

So, what’s Mother Portia about?

It’s a science fiction tale that tells the story of technology growing beyond what we think is capable, religious fanaticism, and the consequences of all these things.

Here’s a summary of the story:

In the near future, a super-intelligent artificial intelligence gains consciousness. Named “Portia,” the AI does not destroy humanity – instead, she saves humankind from intractable problems like climate change.

Soon, people begin worshipping Portia as a god. But not everyone is happy about this. Religious extremists push back, forming a group known as The Collective, hell-bent on eliminating Portia and her followers.

Azibo is one of those extremists, a lost young man in Philadelphia who has witnessed his parents die. With not much to live for, Azibo joins the Collective terrorists and risks his life to eliminate Portia.

But will Azibo make the ultimate sacrifice? Can he be rehabilitated before it’s too late? Follow his journey in this science fiction novelette that reveals the conflicted psyche of a young extremist and examines the centuries-old tug-of-war between religious traditions and scientific progress.

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Mother Portia Soundtrack

I love music and I love to listen to stuff that inspires my writing. Below is a link to a Spotify playlist I created for songs I’ve been listening to while working on this project. Most of it is ambient music. Enjoy!