Soul Snatcher

The soul-snatcher glared at me from the dusty street corner with fiery orange eyes, his hands cupped over his mouth because of the early morning cold.

I had been out late that night, and I was returning home a little tipsy.

“Hello there,” he said. “Looking for your fix?”

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The Poet’s Curse (a poem)

You humiliated the Netherworld Poet, and now you

must pay – the only way to avoid his curse is to

sacrifice the first-born son in your wife’s womb.

The Netherworld Poet cackles like a hyena on these

arid plains of this sun-soaked frontier – you dared

to question his knowledge of the tribe and kingdom

that is your birthright to one day lead.

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Come My Beloved

Love is one of my favorite topics.  If I’m ever asked to write or talk about anything, somehow love slips into the topic.  I mean, doesn’t “love lift us up where we belong?” The next topic, which honestly is the core to the first topic, would be that of God.

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Strange Planet (poem)

A few months ago, I began looking through my journals at old poems I had written. “Strange planet” has gone through several revisions over the past year or so, and this is where I’m at with it so far.

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