World Crumbling (a poem)

World crumbling
Tears running down my face
When does the pain end?
How do we get to stable ground?

Six months of nonstop
Six months of ups and downs
Never did I think that death would come

Now we’re left here
Dealing with the mess he made
Financial ruin, our lives in ruin?

He is gone and you might be too
How do I handle losing both my pillars?
Do I go on faith and drown?
Do I let you go and sink even faster?

Each path is dark
And each path has different poisons
This is my pit of despair

Daily Quote: Be Careful What You Hope For

“Hope is a powerful thing. But be mindful. It’s only as good as the object you place it in. Hope can bring you through the darkest night. When that hope is in an impossible dream, it will bring only despair.” – Tyler Edwards, from The Outlands

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How Do You Fight Off Despair? (a poem)

How to fight off despair?
The walls closed in, chaos, claustrophobia
Mean eyes everywhere I look
There must be some melted hearts out there
Amid the hatred and relentless despair

Hate in hearts can be broken with love
Like nestling into a sweetheart’s arms
Under cool moonlit nights
Away from infinite news cycles and images
Of society tearing, tearing apart
But how to fight off despair?

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