Nick grew up on the (relatively) mean streets of Clifton Heights, a suburb just outside the city of Philadelphia. He studied journalism at Temple University, and spent time in newsrooms as an eager, and sometimes foolish, young reporter.

His reporting has appeared in the likes of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Courier-Post, various newspapers from a summer spent in Harrisburg, and then, finally in the Monitor, during a year spent in South Texas.

Nick has also worked as a business editor, and he thoroughly enjoyed writing about workplace safety, OSHA, and the world of employment law.

Nowadays, Nick is putting more effort into personal writing. So far, his fiction has appeared in Bewildering Stories, an online magazine of speculative writing.

Nick comes from a family of loud Italians who gather frequently to tell stories and tall tales. He feels it’s his duty to listen closely and tells these stories to the world.

His all-time favorite author is John Steinbeck, and he credits Grapes of Wrath as the book that made him say, “Wow. Could I possibly do that, too?”

Probably not, but Nick is a dreamer.

He created this blog so he could share what he’s been reading, pictures he’s taken, links to short stories he likes, and other stuff he likes. He is a work in progress, and he hopes to keep writing and trying to improve.