Soon Enough, They Came for You (a poem)

You can run and hide
But soon enough, there’s no place to go
So, we stick our necks out
Fight the good fight
Knowing that all’s not lost

You can’t hide from the bullets, that’s for sure
And if you keep looking over your shoulder
When you’re at a public gathering
Brother, I don’t blame you

You didn’t mind when the book-banning started
The ones taken off shelves were in faraway places
Some of the titles you didn’t recognize
Then they started banning the classics
And the books you loved so dearly
Soon enough, you couldn’t find that favorite novel
You couldn’t feed your mind and soul anymore
With beautiful prose that challenged convention

The saying is true, and it always has been:
First, they came for the others
The ones not like you
You reluctantly stayed silent
But soon enough, they came for you

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