Mountains of Hope (a poem)

Invoke whatever demons you like
Stick the spike in my eye and draw out the intellect, slowly, carefully, tenderly, and tell me what it tastes like
When I left home as a young man
I never imagined the wonders of the golden-terror metropolis
With the diamond-studded prostitutes and the back-alley fantasies
Witches and black sabbaths and a home for every nightmare and love god
The crystal meth shined like galaxies
And my nose hurt from all the noxious cocaine
My taste buds are dulled from swallowing lead and fire
And I am the foulest creature to ever come to these lands
Look in my dead eye and tell me, what do you see?
I can tell the primeval past better than the future
And the present day is nothing compared to the unseen cities I traveled to in the sky so many eons ago, those sweet-smelling places with naked beasts and acres upon acres of melted flowers and falling suns
I will finally rest now – I have not slept in many days
Lay me down to sleep
Don’t mind the dimness of my chambers
And stay away from the chieftains and deputies of doom
Nuclear war will happen soon; we all know this
We are mere days away from World War III and the extermination we deserve
But the final moments before death are always simple
And what waits for us afterward is an eternity of staring into God’s judgment and following Jesus into the mountains of hope

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