Brain Bleed (AI art)

Here’s a piece of artificial intelligence-generated art I created by feeding some lines of a recent poem of mine into the program. I like how this turned out! Super creepy. The poem that inspired the robot to create the art is called “Brain Bleed,” which I published on the blog recently.

The program I used is called Night Cafe. It’s free, for the most part. You get 5 free credits per day. While it’s scary how good AI is becoming and it may take all of our jobs one day, I still find it interesting to use the program.

Here’s the text from poem “Brain Bleed”:

Trapped in a time loop
My face fell off, I picked it back up, and it tasted of dust
A spoonful of sugar for my difficulties
Like an acid dose that makes my eyes hemorrhage
Why did you bring me here, father?
At the nexus of sin and glory, I chose the wrong door
I don’t recognize these colors, and the animals and flowers are not from this planet or any of the worlds we have traveled to so far
My skull weighs so much that it falls off my shoulders
Rolls down the hill and destroys the city
I feel mortified for all the times I didn’t mark the calendar
The days when Death showed up and coughed in my face
Oh, no – the time loop is re-starting
Time to slit the skin off my body and hurdle into the black hole
Wish me well

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