Sweet & Painful (Microfiction)

Did you ever wonder about the secrets she knows?

They say she has been alive for centuries, living deep in this forest. The forest is her only home, and she wanders day and night in her white dress with her gold crown. The pale skin, the long dark hair, the blindfold keeps us from seeing the eyes that would burn holes through us.

Yet, she sees through the blindfold. She sees through you and I. And they say that if you get too close, she pulls you in like a magnet. Her scent of jasmine is intoxicating, and her sweet voice is invigorating. She quickens your pulse whether you are male or female, straight or gay.

And if you’re not careful, once the trap is set, there’s no turning back.

Her name is Peitho, the goddess of seduction.

She knows every twisted lust and fantasy you have ever imagined, and she is yours for the taking.

But don’t let that submission fool you. While she scratches your every itch, you fall deeper into the undertow of forbidden desire. A touch here, a kiss there, a rush of pleasure, and then, a lifetime in the underworld.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Peitho will charm you; she will draw you in. And if lost in this forest, she will be like a sign from the heavens. But, my friend, do not mistake the heavens for the pain of hell. Pleasure is God’s gift but also the Devil’s trap.

The End

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(Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash)

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