Love is More Potent Than Your Guns (a poem)

Mass death is the name of this game
Don’t let it become normal
School shootings aren’t normal
Assault rifles in 18-year-old hands, not normal
Murdered children and politicians who don’t care
None of this is normal

Outrage is the proper emotion
Anger is to be expected
Scared parents are normal
Depression and despair, also normal
Fits of crying is perfectly normal

My God is not an abuser
He does not punish me
Nor does she believe in a twisted right to own weapons

My God gives me breath
My God abhors mass death
My God does not have to be protected with a gun
She is much bigger than that

None of this is normal
So don’t let them tell you that it is
And don’t let them take your soul
You can take my body, do with it what you will
You can shoot me, trample me, demean me
But you can’t take my soul

I will never normalize mass death
And neither will my God
She is bigger than the universe
Her love is more potent than your guns

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