A Flower for Every Gun (a poem)

I want to replace every gun with a flower
I want to heal the world
Of course, it’s not possible
But what if?

Every time someone is shot
I’ll plant a rose garden
Or maybe some daffodils
Every time a gun is bought
I’ll teach a child their ABC’s
Or buy them twenty books

Yes, this is all so naïve
Like Lennon’s “Imagine”
But maybe John was right
And when he was killed
He went to a better place

So, I’ll buy a flower for every gun
This will be many, many flowers
About 300 million flowers in America
And every time there’s a hateful word
I’ll spend an hour at the homeless shelter

This will be many, many hours at the shelter
Millions of hours, more than a lifetime
I’ll bring flowers to the shelter
And teach people there to read Shakespeare
Or maybe I’ll read them a Psalm every day

A flower for every gun
If someone buys an AR-15, this counts for fifteen flowers
Every gun, turned into a garden
Every son, turned into a peace-lover
Every daughter, having not to fear
Every mother, having not to cry

They say God is love
I believe they are right
Perhaps he’s not above
But right here in our sights

7 thoughts on “A Flower for Every Gun (a poem)

    1. I wish we could all buy a flower for every gun. It is just terrible what is happening in this country. My 7 year old daughter told me “Mommy, there were cops at our school today to make sure we’re safe.” We live in Southern California and it is sad how even schools out here (not in Texas) are taking precautions. Our 1st grade children have to go to school and have uniformed cops on property to ensure nothing happens. It’s insane.

      1. It really is, and I’m sorry to hear that with your daughter. I don’t have kids myself, but this recent one really upset me. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. To think we live in a country where 2nd graders are at serious risk of this happening and the GOP STILL refuses to do anything almost makes me physically sick. I am really hoping things change because I don’t think many of us can take this much longer.

      2. I also believe that there is copycat violence too. I touched upon this in my latest post – feel free to check it out when you have time. But, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this latest shooting episode either. It is soul shattering. Something needs to change. We need to do better. It is very clear that those getting their hands on guns so easily are mentally unstable and not well. There needs to be mental health awareness too and prevention. But most importantly, we need to ban assault weapons and we need stricter gun measures.

      3. I agree. The mental health part is a cop out by the GOP, though. Yes, ppl who do these things have MH issues, but the GOP has been defunding MH care in America for decades. They have never cared about MH and largely because of them, MH care is VERY hard to access and afford in America. And most people with MH issues, like myself, usually kill themselves, not others. Nevertheless, we need to fight for better mental health care AND better gun laws.

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