How Do You Fight Off Despair? (a poem)

How to fight off despair?
The walls closed in, chaos, claustrophobia
Mean eyes everywhere I look
There must be some melted hearts out there
Amid the hatred and relentless despair

Hate in hearts can be broken with love
Like nestling into a sweetheart’s arms
Under cool moonlit nights
Away from infinite news cycles and images
Of society tearing, tearing apart
But how to fight off despair?

If you give a damn, despair is most likely
But it doesn’t have to end there
So, we stand up, brush off the dirt
And decide some things are worth fighting for
Like a right to life, a semblance of peace
But how do you fight for peace?
Are these things not incompatible?
And, tell me, how to fight off despair?

I’m listening close, because truly, I don’t know
Maybe it’s in the way grief is channeled
Into the art forms that we share
Or those brief moments when God is felt
In the inside and lifts us up from the dark pits
Or maybe, just maybe, there is no lesson and
No grand plan to be created, just a moment-to-moment
Passing of time, pain, just being there
So, could you please tell me, because I’d like to know:
How do you fight off despair?

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