To Dream Away (a poem)

Now I lay me down to sleep, to dream away
Transported to underground realms
Dreaming in color, bright sounds
No longer astounded by the full-length movies
That play in my head at darkness

I decipher codes, break through modes
In which my inner eye tells me riddles
Prophecies of sudden global disasters
Screams and shouts from dark matter

I once dreamed of an epic battle
Over the course of human history
Featuring the dark towers of Man
Nothing went according to plan

I was the reluctant hero, the ageless myth
On a journey to find eternal bliss

But the philosopher’s stone was buried deep below
In chasms of darkness where no man goes

I awoke feeling strange, wrote it down
The memory is vivid, like a secret had been found

Listen to your dreams
They tell more than you know
Each one is a sacred message
A cosmic moving picture show

(Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash)

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