Daily Quote: Pick Your Friends Wisely

“Better alone than in bad company.” – Italian proverb

That is the English translation of, “Meglio solo che male accompagnato,” according to WantedinRome.com.

My family is Italian-American (hence my last name of Pipitone) and I have some Italian ancestry. So, I was interested to look up some old Italian proverbs and sayings. WantedinRome.com says this about the proverb I quoted: “Italian culture is about socializing, very crowded dinner tables, aperitivos in piazzas with friends and hospitality. However, this proverb warns about how to pick your companionship, and says it’s better to stay alone than to spend time with unworthy people.”

Interesting! I’m not sure how many Italians read this blog, but definitely drop some knowledge about this proverb if you do. Until then, I’ll see you in Italy when I one day make a visit (I hope).

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