Fabric Heart (a poem)

My heart has been shattered before

Pieces of glass, splintered and scattered

But as you took the pieces

Of my heart within your hands

To keep it safe

You transformed it

No longer is it made of glass

No longer is it frail and fragile

But a more robust, more durable material

It changed over the years

Into more of a fabric material

Something that kept me warm

Safe, protected against all weather

Something that could handle a tear

Stains that could either be washed away

Or become that of a memory

That made us stronger

But never did I notice

That as I kept going

Picking myself up from one fall and another

That my fabric was no longer strong

It was no longer clean and warm

The material has many holes

And unlike glass that can be glued back

The fabric has unraveled

It has been ripped and torn

Strings dangle, frail and thin

Not to the point that it should be thrown out

It could still be repaired by skilled hands

If only that man

Who once held it tightly

Chose to carry it forever

In his hands and next to his own heart

(Photo by Magdaline John on Unsplash)

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