Killer Ugly – A Horror Flash Fiction story (Part 3 – Finale)

Here’s a piece of experimental horror flash fiction about descending into madness and being isolated from the human community. This is the third and final part is about 300 words and has an estimated reading time of a bit over 1 minute. Let me know what you think!

Monday, May 2nd – 9:23 p.m.

Something remarkable has happened. I am saved! But more than that, so much more. I saw the man on the corner again, he told me his name was Novius. He took me in his big, black luxury car to his church on the other side of town. The sun was so bright and threatening when I walked outside, and the effects of starvation had me woozy and losing consciousness. He laid me in the passenger seat and sang the whole way to the church. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and couldn’t recognize what I’d become. My face was gaunt, my cheekbones so pronounced, I was a red skeletal figure.

He carried me into the church, a great, grand building, and many people were gathered around, seemingly waiting for me. They laid their hands on me and shouted in glory like the moment was highly anticipated. They told me everything, fed me and clothed me, then propped me up on a throne at the front of their church and bowed before me. “Hallelujah!” they yelled repeatedly.

They explained that they’d been waiting so long for me, the Killer Ugly god of their pagan lore and mythos. They fed me human flesh and blood; I was surprised by how much I craved it. They keep me in the basement now, my own private suite, and they’ve built an altar for me.

I am saved, but so are they. I am Killer Ugly, the great beast rising from the West and the slums, eternally hungry for praise and opulence. I am forever here, always in the center of the cosmos. There is no stopping the tides of change that will sweep through the cities, taking back what’s ours.

I am Killer Ugly.

The End

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