Naked and Sacred (a poem)

Awakenings come when least expected
A freeing of inner tension, an explosion
Of color, light back into dull worlds
The knot in my stomach is gone

Soul connections made
Souls fused together
Souls finding souls on empty streets
Drawn to each other by the dazzled

Stars in our hungry eyes
Under the moonlight, I had so many
Secrets to share and burdens to bear
The moon was full and embodied

The passion of the nearest cosmos
A long time ago, I kept this hidden
It was an era of rigid morals
Where my skin was of sandpaper

And the righteousness of my words
Kept me from fervent embraces
But no more – the color is here now
The reds, blues, turquoises of life

Shine through the cracks of our surfaces
And I can only imagine what it’ll be like
When the cracking is complete
And we emerge naked and sacred

From those shells

7 thoughts on “Naked and Sacred (a poem)

  1. Loved it from the first line: “Awakenings come when least expected“— how true is that!
    Came here from David’s partners’ post. Glad I did. Thanks for this.

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