A Distrustful Citizen (microfiction)

The first thing I feel is the strange taste in my mouth. My mouth is dry, the taste is metallic like I have a mouthful of gold teeth. It feels like it’s bleeding. The room is completely dark; I can’t see anything. A humming noise rings in my left ear. I can’t move; I’m strapped down. But to what? I try to move my arms and legs to no avail. Even my head feels like it’s strapped down. The room smells musty and damp. I hear someone coughing, maybe in the room next to me.


No one answers. I struggle to break free, but I’m strapped in tight. The ceiling must be leaking, I hear drip-drip-dripping. What the hell is going on?

Footsteps approach the door. The door creaks open, the footsteps come closer. A man (?) coughs, he has on what sounds like heavy boots stomping on the floor. The room is so cold, drafty, damp. The light turns on, burning my eyes at first.

The man stands in front of me, wearing an executioner’s mask. He’s shirtless, muscular. He wears black pants and gloves.

It’s then I realize I’m strapped to a chair. An electric chair. How did I get here? I go to scream; the man gags my mouth. He inspects the straps and tightens them. He says nothing, tells me nothing. He leaves the room, locks the door.

There’s a two-way mirror on the side of the wall to my right. Someone begins speaking over an intercom system. “Emil Kuhn, you are hereby sentenced to death for the unspeakable crimes committed in your mind. The thought police have conducted a full investigation, and your fantasies have been deemed sufficiently cruel and unusual enough to warrant execution. The Bureau of State Intelligence has labeled you a dangerous and distrustful citizen. Do you have any last words?”

 I can’t believe what I heard; I’m stunned into silence.

Less than a minute later, I feel the first electric shock. Then everything goes into a swirling rainbow of pain before my entire world goes black.

The End

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