Destructors (a poem)

Last night in the pouring rain
I heard screams inside my head
A laugh, too, then a guttural cry
All the pain and feelings, the dread
Soaked in the torrent, lost, confused
The city is a maze of waste, gore
Faces don’t look real anymore
Held at gunpoint, bloodshot eyes
Bated breath, I have been defiled
Rain washes down the windows
Red as the poisoned blood
And to think that I never loved
A soul, a hole gaping in my head
Where the worms crawl in
The laughing man pulls the trigger
Heads explode with tremendous vigor
I sit here, wet, left to wonder
If each lightning strike
And rumble of thunder
Is a sign of more death
And unlimited hunger
Of destructors

(Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash)

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