The Quiet Place in Your Mind (a poem)

Take me to the quiet place in your mind
The one near the winter riverside, sitting on the snowy grass
The trees, they’ve always spoken to me
Even when they’re naked and sleeping
I can’t get away from the noise, the persistent stimulation
So, take me to that quiet place, the one in your mind

We’re far from our roots, the ancestral blood-ground
In your mind, the ground is a living being
When I press my hand to it, it melds, touches me
In that quiet place, the one in your mind
The sun is blocked by blue-cotton clouds
The silence is total, like a warm blanket
The quiet place is so still and peaceful

We can always come here, if you want
We just get busy in our frantic lives
We forget about the quiet place in your mind
Whose mind? God’s mind, the sustainer
In the center of God’s mind, it’s still
And everything makes sense
Unlike this topsy-turvy world

Take a break from it all, forget about the call to self-improvement
Come with me, take my hand, follow me to the trapdoor underneath the house in the snowy nighttime hours
It takes us to the quiet place in God’s mind

(Photo by Dominik Dombrowski on Unsplash)

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