Let Me Have This Final Dance (a poem)

The smell of your fragrance ignites me
Pulls me closer to your secret self
Those inner energies you keep
From the eyes of the visible world
The energy swirls around inside you
It has me locked in an ecstatic trance
Come, take my weather-beaten hands
And let me have this final dance

We’ll dance for the moon and stars
We’ll kiss under rays of light
We’ll dance and hide our scars
We’ll agree to never take flight
From each other, you’re like no other
I’ve ever seen or been with

My hands are tangled with yours
My soul is wrapped up with you
Your fragrance gives off a heavenly hue
An energy field visible and true
Come, take my weather-beaten hands
Let’s dance until the night is through

(Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash)

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