Depression is a Liar (a poem)

Depression is a liar
It tells me nasty things
These negative thoughts I acquire
And the despair it brings

But my friends always say
This too shall pass
Though it’s wretched today
I faintly see a half-full glass

When I feel disconnected
Not much seems to help
I’m not sure what I expected
Or when it will stop

Music is my healing balm
And so is my writing
They help me stay calm
With the negativity I’m fighting

I’ve drifted toward cynicism
But I won’t let myself get bitter
I’ll transcend my inner criticisms
My thoughts I’ll reconsider

Depression always passes
Like dark clouds in the sky
But I recognize the chances
It’ll come back in strong supply

So, I’m learning to accept it
Travel through dark nights patiently
I’m learning to submit to it
And deal somewhat gracefully

I don’t listen to the riffraff
Who say to do this or that
I just accept that it’s bad
Give up full-fledged combat

There’s no magic cure for depression
At least they haven’t found one yet
Each answer begets more questions
And leaves me more upset

So, if you deal with this sometimes, too
Know you’re certainly not alone
There’s a way to get through
But you’ll find it on your own

Each of our paths are different
Treatments are different, too
It can be a tough predicament
So, keep a flexible point of view

Maybe today I’ll feel lighter
And the blues come back tomorrow
Some days it is brighter
Some days there is sorrow

The one thing I do know
Is depression is a liar
It drags me down below
Dampens my desires

If I can remember the lying
I can make it ‘till tomorrow
Depression’s claims I’m not buying
I give it a resounding NO

(Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash)

8 thoughts on “Depression is a Liar (a poem)

    1. Indeed. I think a cure for depression would be weird, though, in a way. It reminds me of that book “Brave New World.” It would be strange if there was a way to make it so we’d be happy and content all the time. Besides, I’d have nothing to complain about anymore 🙂 Idk, I’m just rambling …

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