Unknown Gods (a poem)

Pitter-patter, rain soaks the earth
And I pray to the unknown gods
Asking for mercy, but they force me
To give up on idealized visions
Of future civilizations of peace

We all want a piece of harmony
But are we willing to pay the cost?
In the terrible frost of endless winter
We’ve become jaded and bitter

The gods care not about human affairs
Nor do they interfere when our tempers flare
We’re left to our own devices
Yet, we find slices of peace amid
The horror and catastrophic sleaze
Of our so-called human brethren

The gods sit on their majestic thrones
And watch us bemoan this planetary confusion
A profusion of rioting and slaughter
And the rains continue to fall
Consuming us all, we must call upon
Our limited powers to bring down the towers
And fight against eternal tyranny

(Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash)

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