Spiritual Awakening (a poem)

There was a time in my life
When my mind was filled with strife
I was frantic and very lost
And my addictions came with a cost

I like to believe I somehow found God
And his grace shone through and healed me
But spiritual consolation doesn’t last
And faith can be lost to a degree

The journey of faith is a long one
In my depressions I become an atheist
My mind can be frantic and fragile
Manic episodes hit the heaviest

But that spiritual awakening sticks with me
It happened in the spring of 2011
A peaceful life was not guaranteed
And neither was a spot in heaven

Maybe God exists, maybe He doesn’t
It’s a question that’ll always persist
And one that I’ll keep discussing

The one thing I do know
Is that life has been much better since that day
The divine light shone through the cracks in my heart
And for once in my life, I felt okay

(Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash)

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