My Scream was Muffled (a poem)

Who do you answer to?
We all serve someone, whether at the
Behest of a gun pointed at our chest
Or the collapsing sky and shifting
Sands beneath our tired feet

My scream was muffled by the millions
Of hands placed over my disgusting mouth

My words have no meaning anymore
I’ve taken a detour on
Information destruction highways
Where so much data is stored in
My false brain that I no longer
Know if I’m sane or part of the
Mega-corporation whole

USB ports on the back of my emaciated neck
Bar codes on my thin lips
I’ve slipped into 3D-rendered dreams
I’ve quite enjoyed being deployed
By anonymous hacking mercenaries
On modern-day religious crusades

Who do you answer to?
It’s impossible to know
Drifting through snows of gigabyte
Fuzz and scum, that familiar face
Stares at me from large obscene screens
Everywhere I go.

(Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash)

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